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Thank you for the comments you all posted and the many emails on this essay.  I am reposting this as an anthology: broken up in four unique pieces.

Black Lives Matter

But for hard core misanthropes, of course Black lives matter. All lives matter.

No need to wonder how many supporters of Black Lives Matter, the movement, have read beyond those powerful words. I opine none other than academics and enlightened people.

What does the movement stand for? Is it as its founders decreed? Is it rabidly chauvinistic with nary a mention of men? Yes. Does it advocate the destruction of the nuclear family? Tragically, yes. Violence to solve all ills, real and imagined? Yes.

The founders of the “movement”, ignored or as it is now revealed, cared not at all what their words engendered. They were neo-fascists, unyielding in their sexuality and supremacy, masquerading as trending Marxists, inexorably committed chauvinists, and, ultimately, morally bankrupt extraordinary thieves.

Their corrupt jibe was adopted by two constituencies, as economically and socially divers as imaginable. One of those, the by-and-large victocrats, who focus solely on having been and continue to be victimized. And, therefore, live in an inexorable economic, social and legal quagmire, and do not seek understanding, acceptance, equity, and absolute inclusion. Rather, redress by whatever means, including violence.

The other constituency, bent over to their knees under the crushing weight of misguided wokeness. Ultimately, morally and intellectually bankrupt, thus, corrosive to the path forward for all. And their acceptance that mob violence is merely reflections of a collective frustration.

What happened to the over $100 million in donations to BLM? Where did all that money go? Certainly, in the pockets of its founders and their families, including the burgeoning real estate holdings of its principal founder. Well done to the sublimely arrogant, self-righteous and corrupt Ms. Cullors. All donors, who did not bother to read the BLM charter: “Don’t [that] make [your] brown eyes blue”? (Thank you Crystal Gayle.)

Where are all those BLM supporting signs heretofore on windows and websites of all those businesses during the burning 2020’s? Do Black lives matter less now that the movement has been somewhat unmasked?

Of course Black lives matter! But, the awakening to the fundamental dishonesty of the movement has taken hold.

Well, certainly you all get all this.

More on Power Of Words in the rest of this Anthology and The banality of evil: the Holocaust. How and why …


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