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Pimps Whores And Patrons Of Virtue: Privacy Policy


To my faithful readers. My legal eagles got a hold of my website. All that follows, they made me do it! You know that they really hate how I wrote this. But, it’s gotta get done…

Thanks for accessing my website,, hereinafter referred to as “my website”. Ha! I am supposed to tell you that I own it lock, stock and barrel.

Because I must, this piece of prose has to inform you of our treatment of the personal information that we collect from you. Just remember: you decided to give us your name and email address! We did not make you do it nor did we pay you to do it. You did all that to yourself. Just know I will never sell your info. to anybody. I may or will, in any event I have the right to send you email on stuff I think important to you.

Now. If you are among the previously privileged (no longer so) residents of the lovely State Of California, and care what the Shine the Light Law, Cal. Civ. Code § 1798.83) waxes on and on and on and on about sharing of your persona information with third parties … well, you can stop now. If enough of you sign up, I will change this language to make this fine state and the feds happy. The only people we will share your name and email address with are: 1. the lovely woman who runs the company whose business is to make sure we do not annoy you with unwanted emails and 2. my friend of decades who will manage my email, if any, going to you all faithful readers. They will put a link in those emails making it stupid-simple for you to opt-out from getting emails from me. Some way to treat your new hero …

If you must, you can contact me through my website. These are my requirements … if you must contact me:

  1. Do not be profane. I reserve the sole right to not police my language.
  2. Refrain from any form of expression of hate and from waxing philosophical about yourself (OK to tell me who and what you are and what you do).
  3. Please be brief. I want to hear from you, but … I rather hear myself writing than reading endless comments, however sage those might be.

Trust we are cool with the legalese thus far.

In our world of too many rules and regs., my rules and regs. are as spartan as the legals let me and I am willing to police.

Take care of yourselves. If you don’t, nobody else will!