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Author of Pimps Whores And Patrons Of Virtue


Speaking Engagements – Steven J. Manning

Steven J Manning


  • Making of the marketing sausage: how we made you buy that pair of shoes
    • data, technology, resources, analytics, psychographics, deliverables
  • Advertising, Marketing, Media: Past, Present And Future
  • How and what I have sold to aggregate tens of billions of dollars. Or … How does one become the horse-manure king of South America
  • Corporate Governance And Regulatory Compliance
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Confluence Of Creative, Empirical And Logistics: In Everything, All The Time. No Exceptions.
  • Leadership And Management
  • Four Pillars Of Success
  • Philosophies Of Life
    • Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal
    • A Life Without Passion Is Not A Life Worth Living
    • The World Is An Elaborately Staged Tragicomedy
  • The Banality Of Evil: Antisemitism And The Holocaust
  • Political Correctness, Culture Of Apology, And The Oxymoron Of Modern Ethics
  • Critical Race Theory And Racism
  • Children Of Holocaust Survivors
  • How To Sell Without Being Salesy
  • The Five Things You Need To Know To Become A Great Author
  • Explaining Bitcoin to Buddhist Monks.
  • Disruptors, Big data, Blockchain, Bitcoin and NFTs…
  • International Entrepreneurship
  • Societal, Economics, Politics: Realities And Trends
  • Power Of Words
  • Societal and moral constructs
  • Emotional intelligence
  • BANI, VUCA, NCC, S5 and now TUNA and RUPT. Haughty concepts or inglorious word salads of dubious value.