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Sustainability. An intellectual concept as old as fossil fuels.

SUSTAINABILITY An intellectual compost as old as fossil fuels. By Steven J. Manning May 17, 2024 So many experts, real and self-anointed, and hapless talking heads, writing and spewing copious word-salads about sustainability. Occasionally stuff beyond ordinary and unoriginal drivel. And so much from A.I. disciples. Indulge me with the unconventional start to this column with what one might consider a wrap-up paragraph. Much about the unholy...

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Banks collapse: super smart and wise analysis—sans word salads—by uber investment brain, Selwyn Gerber.

This from Selwyn Gerber, Chairman & Chief Strategist at RVW WEALTH. CURRENT STATUS: Silicon Valley Bank’s failure on Friday afternoon left the business and financial industries scrambling in uncertainty. Many companies who had tens or hundreds of millions of dollars on deposit spent the weekend planning what they would do next. The depositors have been bailed out.  Assurances by  Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell,...

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Don’t look a gift-horse in the mouth. How has that phenomenally dumb concept endured since John Heywood uttered those thoughtless words in 1546! Well, don’t look a gift-horse in the mouth unless you want a very large, feed-guzzling-aged- pet. And likely good sized veterinarian bills. More elsewhere for you city-folks, who may not relate much to horses and their teeth. My take: of course you look a gift-horse in the mouth! And never ignore a...

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A Timely Break From Revenues, Bits And Bytes And All Manner Of Other Haughty Stuff. A few words about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr….

In all my professional and personal travels — a million both “life-miles” and also in those amazing pressurized flying machines — I have had the privilege to exchange much with internationallyrecognized luminaries and public figures in business, academia, publishing and sports. Most regrettably, Dr. King was murdered when I was entirely too young and unwise to fully comprehend all that he was. And represented. It took some years for my wisdom...

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Marketing Re-Imagined: How We Can Re-Imagine The Marketing Industry To Make It More Authentic, Sustainable, And Promote More Satisfaction

Excerpts from an interview published in AUTHORITY MAGAZINE... From an objective standpoint, we are living in an unprecedented era of abundance. Yet so many of us are feeling unsatisfied. Why are we seemingly so insatiable? Do you feel that marketing has led to people feeling unsatisfied and not having enough in life? If so, what actions can marketers take to create a world where people feel that they have enough, and they are enough? Can we...

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Leadership homogenized

Statistically, business leaders read four- five books a month. There are 20,000 books in print on leadership. Most make a yeoman’s effort to define leadership. Often by contrasting that to management. Then, to add value to the droll reading, conflate the core of “leadership” to the holy grail of benefit: success. My definition of that hereinbelow. Likely my readers have read beacoup on that. I did starting decades ago; more recently while...

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Hatred of Jews, virulent antisemitism, is not a political, economic, social or anthropological belief grounded in facts. It is an entirely destructive ideology. The most enduring and irrepressible social pathology of all time. Antisemitism is endemic in many populations. In fact it is congenital. Millions, perhaps billions of people are antisemites from birth, with no basis for being so other than, they are offspring of antisemites. The...

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On Racism

Liberating the oppressed, and empowering them to equal opportunity driven prospects in life empower countries’ citizenry and societies to aggregate in progress. The quest for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has and will always inspire people to strive for freedom. Yet, at the beginning of the twenty-first century, the human condition among minorities, particularly the Black community in the US, continues to manifest many...

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My life changing failure?

I hope you give this short piece a couple minutes and read through all of it. My very personal reasons for writing it are below... I am given to random acts of kindness. Yes, I know. Often enough, those are misguided or short lived, good intentions notwithstanding. Blame my lineage of born rescuers... I know that many readers of my writing are given to acts of kindness. Like “your” homeless person you encounter regularly, who you share your...

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POWER OF WORDS ANTHOLOGY 4 of 4: Black Lives Matter

Thank you for the comments you all posted and the many emails on this essay.  I am reposting this as an anthology: broken up in four unique pieces. Black Lives Matter But for hard core misanthropes, of course Black lives matter. All lives matter. No need to wonder how many supporters of Black Lives Matter, the movement, have read beyond those powerful words. I opine none other than academics and enlightened people. What does the movement stand...

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Steven J. Manning
storyteller • satirist • humorist • speaker • businessman

Some people collect stamps, memorabilia, music, dolls, comic books, Zippo lighters, bottle caps, stamps, cars, coins, Happy Meals toys, rocks, bad habits …

Manning collects people, stories and hopefully wisdom from his millions of life and real miles traveled. He writes unbridled satire, humor and much on social/political/economics/lifestyle realities. All for intelligent, informed, discerning readers. A sense of humor is a must.

“Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal” and “A Life Without Passion Is A Life Not Worth Living,” are on his omnipresent imaginary teleprompter.
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