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Praise for Pimps Whores And Patrons Of Virtue

A wild intellectual ride. Steven J. Manning is one of that vanishing breed of people who write for the sheer pleasure of expressing themselves, genre, commercial appeal, pandering to the zeitgeist be da*ned. The book begins as a hilarious and touching memoir, then takes a number of intellectual hairpin turns as Manning unloads on topics near and dear to his heart, or at least his outrage (cold-fish doctors, technology, sex, Alice Cooper – yes, THA boa-constrictor and ghoulish make-up wearing Alice Cooper).

Kaleidoscopic, urgent, unfiltered, this is not a book you want by your bedside because it might drive you to leap out of bed and go and bop some philistine over the head. The letters included in Manning’s ramblings are models of well-modulated contempt for people who deserve nothing less.”
— Peter Bodo, award winning international print and broadcast journalist, author

“Pimps” is an outrageously entertaining look into Steve’s rich life and intellectually vivid imagination…and at times you don’t just look but stare in delight! His writing style makes you feel as though you’re sitting together experiencing his unfiltered memories & adventures over a beer. I read it while on an international flight and felt the glares of passengers as I laughed hysterically by myself! While Steve’s deep command of the language and crazy brand of expressive writing will leave you amused and grateful to have spent time together, his unique style and perspective engenders introspection on your own life. Highly recommend!”
— Dan Lux, award winning movies and TV producer, writer, director, scientist

Great Book! Steven J. Manning has a quirky and unique view on life and seems to encounter and draw out the most fascinating stories from the most interesting of people. His book collects the best of his obviously many stories and is a hilarious, candid and often enlightening read.”
Coco Francini, motion pictures producer, including some highest grossing and multiple Oscars, Golden Globes, Palme d’or winner

Original, outrageous, great humor, brutally honest, wow depth of thought, pandering to the tenor of the times be damned. Manning writes with great passion about people and life, in the first person, speaking directly to the reader. Thirty-two unique pieces that will leave you intellectually challenged, entertained, and with lots of hearty laughs. Best be intelligent and have a sense of humor. A must read.”
— Trade review…

Great Ride, Great Read. In these 32 distinctive, unique essays, Steven J. Manning creates a fascinating, thought-provoking, hilariously entertaining world based on his life and travels. He has an honest, original perspective–filling his pages with memorable, larger-than-life characters. Get ready for a great ride and a great read!”
James Harmon Brown, multiple EMMY winning writer

An hysterically funny memoir with a sharp eye! Pimps Whores and Patrons of Virtue displays a wonderful touching level of humanity in addition to being very amusing and highly entertaining. Manning shows us how wonderfully quirky and clever his brain works.”
Seth David Radwell, internationally known business executive, thought leader and author

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