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Thank you for the comments you all posted and the many emails on this essay.  I am reposting this as an anthology: broken up in four unique pieces.

Positive thinking. Positive imagery.

Just think positive while bathed in the appropriate imagery, and all that will come through.

Not hawking Tony Robbins – he does not need my help making massive bank deposits – but his new book Life Force … is relevant in his long-overdue confession of the failing of all his prior teachings. Paraphrasing him, standing in your garden wishing the weeds to go away, will not make that so.

Imagery should not be dismissed as elegant snake oil. In fact, it is a very powerful thing. Even I confess to having listened and read some Robbins. The man is spectacular at what he does. Particularly, how he does it.

I will further confess to having attended a couple of “tent revivals.” Even some of the descendants of those: TV preachers. Now: there is some uber—awesome horsepower.

However, powerful words and imagery, if not tethered to tangible efforts, is Swiss cheese without the cheese.

More on Power Of Words in the rest of this Anthology that follows this post and The banality of evil: the Holocaust. How and why …

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