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Expert Talks

Lead Meetings Like a Superstar!

Your meeting! Your goals! Your desired outcomes! Prepare and succeed!


Listening to this expert talk will be like a cleansing breath for all who feel unsettled, left behind, even scared of the AI revolution. A must!!

Emotional Intelligence. Seriously!

Awareness to enlightenment to intelligence to zombiehood

Pillars of Success

What are the Pillars of Success? What must you do to achieve success?

Competencies: Art, the Janitor and Your CEO

You must leverage competencies: yours and the business’

Leadership Homogenized

What qualities should a leader have? What about a great leader?

AI New? What? Why?

Ai, big data, disruptors, blockchain and other old concepts

Nothing Happens Until You Sell Something!

Everything we do is to provoke a desired outcome

The Success Decision-Making Sausage

Absolute realities about what make success in business and life possible


Best listen to this before your head explodes!

Tips for Working Outside Regular Hours

The successful confluence of your work and personal life

Lean Management

Are you lean and mean or inefficient and non-productive?

5S: Is that for you?

Utilization, benefits, dangers, abuses, other frameworks

Customer Service Imperatives

Marketing, Sales and Customer Service: Inseparable Siblings

Collaboration I

Doing business as a lone wolf on a [business] desert island?

Collaboration II

Top expert knows the value of COLLABORATION AT ALL LEVELS better than most, not as well as few.
You're fired headline

Setting and Communicating Expectations

If you don’t do that, welcome abject failure.

Stop making excuses

Learning from Failure

Failure is not an option. But a reality and a guide to success!

Wasting Time

Wasting Time: Good and Bad

Don’t beat yourself up for wasting time! Maybe a good thing! All about the amazing upside of wasting time. The right way of course.

When to stick to the plan

When to Stick to the Plan and When to Adjust

Goals without plans are trips in the dark without a compass. Planning is indispensable! If a plan does not work, change the plan. Not the goal.

Become successful using powerful habits

Powerful Habits

The most successful people have these powerful habits!
Fractional leadership

Fractional Leadership

Are you a fractional leader? Do you need one? Why would you?
Use technology for better productivity

Getting Better With Technology

Embrace technology for productivity, not to replace living
Project management

Project Management

Who, What When, Where, Why, With Whom. And the Critical How
Be a pro at negotiation

Negotations: For Purchasing Department

The best deal may be the worst deal. Be a superstar pro!
Get a raise you deserve

How to Get a Raise

Get the raise you want and deserve! Do not blow it!
Learn to manage your boss

How to Manage Your Boss

Do you have a boss? Are you a boss? This is for all of you.

Understand how to use data

Data Intelligence

Are you data literate, illiterate or a data slave? Understand, know and how to use data. Not be used by it.