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Book cover of Pimps, Whores, and Patrons of Virtue by author Steven J Manning

Albeit indispensable, oxygen does not enrich life. Observation does.

All about the human condition and spirit, and all their manifestations. Good, bad, ugly.

In this highly entertaining, informed, and intellectually challenging collection of personal anecdotes, essays, satires, ideologies and musings from his life, Manning delves anecdotally into the wonderful and often incomprehensible world of the human condition and spirit in a most memorable fashion.

PIMPS WHORES AND PATRONS OF VIRTUE invites readers to meander through 35 years of Manning’s intellectual exophthalmia: observations, reflections, projections, correspondence, musings, life experiences, stamp-filled passports, collection of interesting and interestingly boring people, answers to the next question and the next and the next, venting, making friends and non-friends, people and things good, bad, and ugly, and irrelevant facts, factoids, and more…

The book is inspired by the belief that there are nine patrons of virtue for every virtuous person. That leaves most of us to a lifetime of work to become mere patrons. The righteous among us, that is.

The anecdotes the author presents, paint a kaleidoscope of people, which he categorizes as pimps, whores, and the rarest of the species, patrons of virtue. This book showcases all three categories in their blooming glory and as well as their perplexing worst, fueled by humor, inquisition and inspiration, balanced by the reality of life.

And how to get through an ordinary day: love, humor, labor, forbearance, and a valiant attempt at balance.

Contents From Pimps Whores And Patrons Of Virtue

  • Kick-off
  • Uncle Úgene
  • The Truth About Men
  • “Only Women Bleed”
  • There Is A God Up There
  • Plan “B”
  • The big man in the khaki shirt and riding boots with his arm up a cow’s “thing”
  • On mergers and acquisitions
  • Letter to the Honorable Dr. Immo Starbreit
  • Psyche and soul
  • 29,029 no more
  • Convicts, cherries and the classic contrarian: in your face virtue. A story of a virtuous man who lived and suffered plying at patronage.
  • Isaac Asimov’s underwear
  • Nerds
  • Things are seldom what they appear to be!
  • If you have your head stuck up your rectum so far …
  • Dilemma in spread relationships
  • Keep your fucking jack!
  • On class
  • Dinner with my friends
  • White, rich and angry
  • The bidet police
    (Faithful Readers participation)
  • P.C. and culture of apology
  • Everybody has to have someone to
 piss on
  • Oliver Stone and Jerry Seinfeld
  • Human intercourse
    (Faithful Readers participation)
  • Letter to Dr. Smith: a quintessential journey from ignorance to arrogance, without nary a brush with intelligence.
  • Malodorous metaphor
  • Hunted in America
  • The Chinese ideogram for change
  • About me and mine
  • Finally: quality prostitutes

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